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This is our first post in this category. 🙂

We think that everyone has some kind of a bucket list.  If you’re not familiar with the term it’s a list of things someone wants to do before he/she dies.

We have one as well and we want to share it with you.  Maybe it will inspire you to start crossing off things from your bucket list or give you an idea you’ve never thought of before.


Have you ever wanted to fly? And I don’t mean fly by plane because obviously that’s not something unusual these days.  I rather mean have you ever wanted to feel like a bird? That has to be something, right?

Unfortunately there’s no magic spell that could change someone into a bird and unless we finally find our missing letters from Hogwart and learn transformation we have to use ordinary ways to “fly”.

That’s why skydiving has been on our bucket list for a really long time.  We’re fascinated about it and definitely want to experience it as soon as we can.  It might seem scary and risky but after watching videos and reading stories of people who tried it, we’re even more convinced that it’s worth a try!

Below you can find great videos made by the star of Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell and Jay Alvarrez:

Replace your fear with desire of the unknown 👊🏼 #Home

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This is only one thing from our long bucket list.  Don’t be scared to DREAM BIG!


Stay Tuned for more!

Karolina and Anna ‘Bigger Than Limits

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