1. Have My Own Clothing Brand
2. Get a Tattoo
3. Write a Book
4. Eat Pizza with Shay Mitchell
5. Go to NBA Game
6. Go to Coachella
7. Go to Super Bowl
8. Go to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
9. Jump Off The Plane
10. Try Rock Climbing
11. Learn How To Swim
12. Try Surfing
13. Fall in Love
14. Party with Rihanna
15. Road Trip Across the US in a Truck
16. See the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
17. Party in Las Vegas
18. Adopt a Golden Retriever
19. Adopt a Pig
20. Spend Christmas in the Mountains
21. Be in a Movie
22. Watch Sunset and Sunrise on the Beach
23. Swim with Dolphins
24. Learn Spanish
25. Have My Own Animal Charity
26. Change Someone's Life
27. Pay Off Mom's Debts
28. Swim in a Yacht
29. See the Time's Square Ball Dropping on NYE
30. Live in Los Angeles
31. Hike on Hollywood Hills
32. Pay For Someone's Groceries
33. Ask Out The Girl of My Dreams
34. Walk the Red Carpet
35. Eat Breakfast, Dinner and Supper in Different Countries
36. Swim on a Jet Ski
37. Meet Ben Nemtin
38. Learn How To Ski
39. Run a Successful Business
40. Meet Meryl Streep
41. Travel to All Continents
42. Visit Every State in the US
43. Play with a Tiger
44. Go Shopping Without Looking at Prices
45. Get a Driver's Licence
46. Drive an Exotic Car
47. Ride a Longboard Near the Beach
48. Learn How to Do a Kickflip
49. Become a Millionaire
50. Travel to: USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Maldives, Barbados, Mexico, Spain, Greece, France, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Italy, Iceland, India, Japan, Fiji, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Canary Islands, Bermuda, Norway, the Netherlands, Croatia, Hungary, Cyprus, Madagascar, Jamaica, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Portugal, Dubai, French Polynesia
51. Celebrate 4th of July
52. Live in Hawaii
53. Rent a Room in Rome
54. Wake Up to an Ocean
55. Go to Universal Studios
56. Be on a Photo Shoot
57. Be on a Movie Set
58. Have a Celebrity Wear Clothes Designed By Me
59. Ride a Motorcycle
60. Go to Disneyland
61. Celebrate Halloween
62. Go to Toy Story Land
63. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
64. Meet Cara Delevingne