Focus T25 Challenge

Fitness has been one of my passions for quite some time now. I love working out, love feeling sore the day after and the feeling of my body changing. I’m a personal trainer myself so I usually create my own workout plans. Sometimes though I’d like to use training created by well-known professionals. I’ve tried many different programs starting with Mel B or Jillian Michaels or the ones of I don’t like being told what to do so I wasn’t very fond of most of them. I don’t appreciate the forced speed or length of the exercises and I tend to get bored in the middle of the video. Among all these experts there’s one I REALLY admire – Shaun T. You may know him as the creator of Insanity, one of the most popular workout programs in the US. He is also the author of Hip Hop Abs, Cize, Insanity: Max 30 and Focus T25 – the one I wanna talk about now.

I want to get more toned before summer so I’ve decided to challenge myself with Focus T25.
I’m familiar with Shaun T’s attitude. The way he keeps the pace and motivates during every second of the workout really speaks to me. He got that ability to make you stay focused and well, you don’t have time to get bored (or the strength to think about it ;)).

Focus T25 consists of three rounds: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Both Alpha and Beta round last 5 weeks and Gamma lasts 4 weeks that gives us 14 weeks of continued work.

The first round (Alpha) includes 5 videos:

Ab Intervals
Lower Focus
Speed 1.0
Total Body Circuit

There are 5 days of hard work (Monday to Friday), then there’s one day off (Saturday, referred to as STATurday) and a day for stretching (Sunday).

Currently, I’ve finished the first week of Focus T25. I expect big results that’s why I put 100% of myself into it. I don’t want to lose much weight, my main goal is to get toned arms, abs and legs, and of course get stronger.

My starting measurements:

Weight: 54kg
Chest: 88cm
Waist: 64cm
Hips: 91cm
Arm: 23cm

For those of you who wonder whether to start my reply is YES. Give it a chance, you won’t regret it.

Come back next week for my full review of Alpha Round Workouts.

Stay Tuned!


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