Focus T25 Challenge – Beta Round Workouts Review – Part 2

It’s been already 7 weeks of my Focus T25 Challenge. Time flies really fast.

Did you know that working out not only helps you stay in a good shape but also makes you happier? It’s scientifically proved that exercising boosts your energy and releases chemicals to your brain that are responsible for your good mood.  Sounds great, right?

Anyway, I’m more and more happy with the results.  I’m getting stronger and my body’s visibly changing.  Also, I really enjoy working out with Shaun so it doubles the fun.

Today I want to share with you the second part of my Beta Round Workouts review in order they appear in the first week’s schedule.

1. Rip’t Circuit

This fancy sounding workout starts with warm up but this time it looks slightly different.  You have few slow moves here like Slow Jog Control or Straight Leg Kick that prepare your entire body for upcoming hard work.

What’s more each exercise lasts one minute what hasn’t occurred before so you might treat it like a little challenge.  Then you have short cardio boost and after that for the first time in Focus T25 you have moves with weights.  I like the fact that Shaun explains thoroughly how to do it or the way you should keep your arms to get the best results.

The whole training consists of exercises that work your entire body – abs, arms and legs with short breaks for cardio that increase your heart rate.  Also, you experience a lot of new moves like One Leg Burpee or Arnold Press.  I must admit it’s one of my favorite videos in Beta Round.

The workout ends typically with cool down.

Targeted Parts: Full Body


2. Dynamic Core

Something for abs lovers!  The video begins with warm up typical to Beta Round.  As the whole workout focuses specifically on your core there are various exercises directed at every part of it.

First, some twisting abs that proceeds into more energetic moves like Speed Knee Kick or Shuffle.  You have a moment to catch a breath with Connecting Deep Squat before you drop to the floor for the remaining of the workout.  Prepare yourself because your muscles are gonna burn.

What starts innocently with Torso Lift transforms into series of killer exercises.  Leg Scissor, Hip Ups, Bicycle Abs, Side Planks – that’s only some of them so just imagine what you put yourself into.

When you think it’s finally over, well don’t fool yourself.  If you came this far you’ve already managed to get to know Shaun a little.  That’s why it shouldn’t surprise you that he prepared something special for you at the end.  Plank Walk and Squat Pyramid will probably leave you sore all over your core.  No pain, no gain.

There’s cool down at the end. Enjoy.

Targeted Parts: Abs


3. Upper Focus

As you probably noticed Beta Round put emphasis on upper body and core.  Upper Focus is another video that helps you get strong, toned arms and abs.  It starts with typical warm out that proceeds into simple plank hold.  Many of us underestimate the importance of plank.  It might seem too simple but actually it’s one of the most effective core exercises.

During the workout you do some push-ups and moves with weights.  There are exercises on the floor but you don’t stay there too long.  The workout includes cardio parts that separate sets of upper body exercises.

According to Shaun 6 minutes before the end is a perfect time for hip ups. From now on there’s no time to slow down.  You have to push yourself until the very last second.

And then, cool down.

Targeted Parts: Upper Body


That’s it!  Hope you enjoyed reading my review.  If you haven’t read the first part yet you can find it here.

Also, check out my Alpha Round Workouts Review – Part 1 and Part 2.

Hopefully you find a motivation here and soon you will be proud of your own results.


Stay strong. Stay positive.

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