Focus T25 Challenge – Beta Round Workouts Review – Part 1

This week I’ve started the second part of  FOCUS T25 – Beta Round.

My first impression is that it’s a little tougher than Alpha but I actually like it more.  For the first time there are exercises with weights that is definitely a great addition.  Some of the workouts focus mostly on cardio and some of them put strong emphasis on core.

I have really enjoyed my journey with Shaun T so far but I have to admit that I started to get
a little bored at the end of Alpha Round.  However, Beta Round put my body and mind into another level of motivation.  I feel stronger, more fit and since I usually do my FOCUS T25 workouts in the evenings I can’t help but look forward to it the whole day.

Let’s get into more details.

The second round (Beta) includes 5 videos:

Core Cardio
Speed 2.0. (If you have Core Speed workout you can do it interchangeably)
Rip’T Circuit
Dynamic Core
Upper Focus

The schedule looks alike – 5 days of hard work, 1 day off and 1 day for stretching.

I want to share with you my review of FOCUS T25 Beta Round Workouts in order they appear in the first week’s schedule.

1. Core Cardio

The video starts with a warm up that looks nothing like the one in Alpha Round – split lunge agility,
switch kicks, uppercuts – the exercises that previously were part of the main workout.

Then you jump right into pure cardio exercises.  There’s no way Shaun lets you catch a breath because
it’s Beta Round!  There’s a variety of lunges, jumps, squats until minute 16.  After a while it gets a little more static with T Twist Pulses but don’t get too excited because there it is!  Your first Beta Round BURNOUT.

Assuming you survive it 😉 you’re halfway through.  The workout proceeds into a lot more of cardio moves and exercises in the plank position.  Of course it has to finish with… yeah… BURNOUT.  The workout ends with full body sprint that will make you wish for a piece of floor to rest.

The last part of the video is cool down.

Targeted Parts: Full Body


2. Speed 2.0.

This workout starts with high intensity exercises so you should do a warm up on your own to avoid possible injury.

It’s the second training of the Speed Series.  If you expect parts of hard work and parts of stretching again you couldn’t be more wrong.  It consists of three levels.

During Level 1 you do 3 Rounds of a set of exercises.  Each Round is a little bit shorter.  You have a chance to experience such moves like Slow Mountain Climber, Jab Out or Up & Over.

Similarly in Level 2 you do 3 Rounds of a different set.  Here are the moves you already know from Alpha Round like Zigzag Hop or Hop Hop Squad.  Level 2 ends with jog recovery.

The last level comprises of all the exercises from top but there are only 2 Rounds separated by another jog recovery that also occurs at the end of the whole workout.  I bet that if you last until the end you will probably feel every single muscle in your body.  But trust me it is so worth it!

Typically, the video ends with cool down.

Targeted Parts: Full Body


NOTE: If you have Core Speed workout you can do it interchangeably with Speed 2.0. Its structure  is the same, it differs only in the type of exercises that, like the name indicates, focus mostly on your core.


That’s it for today.  Come back next week for the review of the rest of Beta Round Workouts – Rip’t Circuit, Dynamic Core and Upper Focus.

If you haven’t read my review of FOCUS T25 Alpha Round Workouts yet you can find it here.


Stay strong. Stay positive.

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