Focus T25 Challenge – Alpha Round Workouts Review – Part 2

I’ve managed to finish the third week of Focus T25.  I must admit I didn’t get bored even though it was my third time doing these workouts.  I still like it and I still feel excited before and after. I definitely feel stronger and my physical strength improved.  What’s more, I can already see the difference in the way my body looks, especially abs and legs.

As promised, below is the review of the remaining three Alpha Round Workouts in order they appear in the first week’s schedule:

1. Total Body Circuit

This workout focuses on the whole body.  It starts with usual warm up with jog and jumps and proceeds into arms exercises.  There are lots of push ups.  My arms have always been weak and I have to admit that I still manage to do only half of them, for the other half I need to drop my knees to the floor and follow the modifier track.  I’m working on being able to do the entire part in standard push up position by the end of week 5.

The next part is all about legs with lunges and squats followed by plank and abs exercises that end with 30 seconds of sprint.  When you’re done with that you get a chance to work your legs, abs and arms again.  Before the video finishes you have to face, guess what? BURNOUT.  The workout ends
with 1 minute of Body Run and trust me it is much harder that it might look like.

The last part is cool down that helps you stretch all the muscles you used to survive the training 😉

Targeted Parts: Full Body


2. Ab Intervals

The next workout is Ab Intervals.  As the name indicates it focuses on your abs.  It’s different from what you’ve seen before because you start your training on the floor with plank, child’s pose and downward dog that prepare you for what’s coming next.

Side plank, V hold, leg lifts – a lot of the most efficient abs exercises are here.  What’s more, between the times you work your tummy there are Cardio Recovery parts that increase your heart rate.  I can guarantee that your abs are gonna burn.  In the following minutes Shaun guides you through exercises on the floor.

The important thing about this workout is that it does not only focus on your front abs like most of them do, it also targets the back of your core with exercises like superman or rocketman.  Ab Intervals ends with plank and pyramid.  Believe me, when this workout comes to an end you will be so proud of yourself.  If you want that six-pack, work for it!

The last part is cool down that helps you stretch your sore muscles.

Targeted Parts: Abs


3. Lower Focus

The last workout of Alpha Round is Lower Focus that will help you get toned and strong legs.  It begins like every other workout with short warm up and proceeds into various kinds of jumping jacks, squats and calf exercises.

After working your calves you have to be prepared for lunges.  A lot of lunges.  The kind of lunges that will make you sweat and cry in pain and you will feel almost relieved when the BURNOUT comes.

Well, don’t get happy too fast the next part is…lunges.  When they’re finally over you get a chance
to work your adductors.  Afterwards, there are few cardio and balance moves followed by BURNOUT. Finally, you can breathe a sigh of relief because Lower Focus ends with hip flexor exercise – the perfect beginning of cool down that helps you stretch your legs.

Targeted Parts: Lower Body


Hope you enjoyed reading my reviews.  If you haven’t read the first part yet you can find it here.

That’s all for now.  Hopefully it will inspire you to start working out as well.

If you’ve already started – don’t give up.  The results will come as long as you stay consisted and motivated.


Stay strong. Stay positive.

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