Focus T25 Challenge – Alpha Round Workouts Review – Part 1

Yesterday I finished the second week of Focus T25 Alpha Round. It’s been tough but I must admit that I feel a little stronger and some exercises were much easier to do than a week ago.

As I promised here’s the review of Alpha Round Workouts in order they appear in the first week’s schedule.

1. Cardio.

As the name indicates the first workout of Focus T25 is Cardio (although each of them has cardio elements in it).  If you’ve never done any exercises created by Shaun T you definitely won’t be prepared for that.  The workout begins with a short warm up that may actually resemble the actual exercises – slow jog, jumping jacks – it’s all here.  Then, there are simple lunges that progress into more complex ones with jumping or touching the floor. It takes only about six minutes to make you sweat. A lot.

Next, we have different kinds of jumping and running exercises until minute fifteen.  BURNOUT.  Like, if you weren’t tired enough you have to repeat some of the exercises even faster.  There’s no rest.  After the BURNOUT you have to jump back into it.  There are squats, lunges, sprint, kicks – I doubt there is any exercise that Shaun T didn’t manage to put into this workout and yet there’s another BURNOUT five minutes before the end.  And when you think it’s finally over…nope, not so fast.  Three more minutes and you can congratulate yourself- you survived!

The next part of the video is cool down that helps you catch a breath and stretch your muscles.

For me it’s one of the hardest workouts in Alpha Round.

Targeted Parts: Full Body


2. Speed 1.0

Speed 1.0 is the first of the Speed Series that appears in each Round.  It starts with a short warm up as well.  Then the actual workout begins.  As it proceeds you may notice the difference between this one and Cardio because of the stretching periods.  You get a chance to stretch the part of your body affected by exercises.  In this video you also get to do burpees for the first time.  This is actually one of the exercises I’m not really fond of.

There are kicks, lunges, jumps – everything to make you stronger.  While doing this workout you are mostly focused on speed.  Of course at the time when you feel as tired as you would after working 20 hours in a quarry, you have to survive the BURNOUT.  The workout ends with stretch and stability exercise.  By the end of it you will probably feel every muscle in your body.

The last part of the video is cool down that helps you rest and stretch.

Targeted Parts: Full Body


I know that the next day when you wake up feeling sore, you might swear you won’t do that ever again. That’s the beauty of working out.  That’s the thing I love.

Only you can change yourself.  Everything you do, those jumps, squats it’s only yours and no one will take that away from you.

Don’t give up!

Come back next week for the review of the rest of Alpha Round WorkoutsTotal Body Circuit, Ab Intervals and Lower Focus.


Stay strong. Stay positive.

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