29 Reasons Why We Love Shay Mitchell

You may know her from Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell, one of our favorite people, turns 29 today.

To celebrate this occasion we want to share with you 29 reasons why we love her:


1. She has the best dance moves.

2. She can beat you with her boxing skills.

3. Her Snapchat Story is life.


4. She’s always positive.

5. She plays Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars.

6. She supports LGBT Community. 

7. She has a great sense of humor.

8. She’s friends with Ashley Benson (ButtahBenzo)

9. She loves pizza UNCONDITIONALLY.

10. She travels a lot – Shaycation.

11. She supports Somaly Mam Foundation.

12. Her style is always on point.

13. She has a beautiful smile.

14. She has a great relationship with her fans.

15. She is a selfie master.

16. Her hair looks fine even in the wind.

17. She adopted a dog.


18. She can’t live without hot sauce.

19. She and Sammy are THE DREAM TEAM.

20. She can record music videos in the car.

21. Her YouTube Channel is EVERYTHING.

22. She’s addicted to sunglasses.

23. She wrote a book.

24. She designed her own workout clothing line – Fit To Wander.

25. She has a great taste in music.

 26. Her Grandma is the sweetest person in the world.

27. She’s a professional shower singer.

28. Her photo shoots are perfection.

29. She has a cute Canadian accent.






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